1. Introduction
  2. Prophets of Doom
    1. Oil
    2. Networks
    3. Disasters
  3. Scenarios
    1. Worries
    2. Slow Connections
    3. Disturbances
    4. Urban Optimism
    5. Mega-Technology
    6. Eco-Technology
    7. Energy Issues
  4. Social Change
    1. Silent Change
    2. Predicting Change
    3. Drastic Change

I would be happy to receive any comments you might have on this draft version.


These writings are a beginning study of pressures on suburbia as oil prices rise, and some different futures that might result. Their common theme is the need to maintain connections and networks in the face of pressures for isolation.

The left-hand column provides links that can take you to any one of the essays, and there are links at the bottom of each essay leading on to the next.

These discussions expand some points made in my Sprawling Places book and website, and attempt to fill some gaps in their treatments of environmental and energy issues.

I'd be happy to receive comments on this draft version.

David Kolb