New Urbanism

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Townhouses at Seaside, Florida

Model for phase one of Celebration, Florida

Houses at Kentlands, Maryland

Downtown Celebration

The New Urbanism has been receiving increasing media coverage and approval for cities as well as suburbs, so its principles are becoming better known. Here are some of its basic ideas.

[For more details on the movement, see the documents on the web at the Congress for the New Urbanism. For a perceptive overview essay, Douglas Kelbaugh's Three Urbanisms discusses and evaluates different ways of conceptualizing the city and suburbs, and argues that the New Urbanism is appropriate for the current situation of American cities.]

There are perils in writing about the New Urbanism, but it is an important topic that gathers many different strands together.

See descriptions of the New Urbanism in action: at Seaside, Celebration, Rosemary Beach, Kentlands, King Farm.