No way out but in

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Deeper in (stairs at York Minster)

Finding points of inflection

It's already too late. There is really no way out of all this mess. Or rather, the only way out is the way through. The street finds its own uses for things, according to William Gibson's oft-cited maxim. This means that every mechanism of control can be perverted-or detotalized, as the Situationists say -- to new uses. As technologies trickle down to the street, they spread out, multiply their effects, and move in unanticipated directions. . . . The potential of a body, of a technology, or of a machine is always far greater than its official function or its ostensible purpose. The only thing that we can expect, therefore, is the unexpected, as it emerges from repeated processes of dissemination, sampling, and mutation. . .

The Marxist idea of crisis, Bataille's notion of expenditure, and Deleuze and Guattari's concept of undecidability, are all ways of walking in between -- of invoking extrabeing -- in order to oppose the solidity, the inertia, and the seeming self-evidence of the actual. They are ways of finding ambiguous points of potential, gaps in the linear chain of causality, unexpected openings to new, emergent processes. Shaviro 2003, 248, 224