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Roots over rock (Bonsai at the National Arboretum, D.C.)

Roots in air (Bonsai at the National Arboretum, D.C.)

  1. Roots thin out as they go down
  2. roots suck at what they hold on to and hollow it out
  3. roots begin solid and thick, but hold through fragile thinness
  4. roots can be pulled up, but with difficulty
  5. roots can be destroyed by blocked circulation
  6. roots can find their soil pulled away by the very flows they seek
  7. roots work around rocks
  8. roots crack what they hold on to
  9. roots clog other circulations, and refuse to stay in neat compartments
  10. roots intercept flows and resources
  11. roots are always exposed
  12. roots move along gradients
  13. roots compete
  14. roots travel
  15. roots transport
  16. roots need air

And we haven't even mentioned rhizomes .

Roots and foundations are not so different. Both are mobile.

We don't have roots. We're network people. We have aerials. Sterling 1998, 406