Orvieto Duomo

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The interior of the Duomo at Orvieto

A picture and description (in Italian) of the interior of the Duomo at Orvieto

The Duomo at Orvieto lacks the richness of art inside Siena's, but it also has less of a museum feeling. There is no admission charge. It is still in use as a church: on the left of the transept is a chapel for what looks like the perpetual adoration of the Eucharist by a small group of nuns kneeling there, as well as some others who are singing hymns when we go by. An iron grill and a guard keep tourists out and let the pious in. Tourists crane their necks unhappily as they try to see the frescos, and look fretfully at the guard. There is ongoing worship, but most of the people in the church are tourists.