Tour groups at the door

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Japanese tourists at Orvieto's Duomo

A Japanese tour guide said to her group, in response to a question about the Jesse Tree image by the door of the Duomo at Orvieto, "I have no idea what these symbols mean."

Two American groups complained to one another about the prices in the restaurant across the piazza. They were right to complain, but their children were happy with the video games installed in the restaurant.

A Martian tour group arrived at night to see the moonlight reflecting off the golden mosaics. They carried little machines that kept whispering in their ears, telling them what they saw. The guide machines also told them that they were enjoying a unique experience. Since Martians are very small, the cobblestones caused them problems, but their size also allowed them to climb all over the mosaics. They examined the little golden puzzle pieces with great care. I don't think they ever saw the big picture.