Old Town centers

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Repair in Lublin's Old Town

Repair in Lublin's Old Town

Old houses in Lublin's Old town

What is it about Old Town centers? I'm thinking of the Polish examples we saw, but there are others, especially in Europe, but increasingly in America they are being discovered or manufactured as attractions. What do you do with Old Town centers? Presumably you clean them up and seek adaptive reuse, but what does that make of them?

What does it mean that the Old Town in Warsaw seems the most well-repaired part of the city? We visited other Old Towns, in Lublin and in Zamosc, that were being repaired and transformed.

I was told that a few years back the Old Town in Lublin was the most dangerous part of the city; now it is where one goes for the best night life.

Zamosc's Old Town is distinctive as a Renaissance rather than medieval creation. It already has a sizable tourist industry in its main square, but the rest of the Old Town behind the square is in still in process of being repaired, and has shops and services aimed less at tourists and more at the Zamosc citizens.