Is this really hypertextual ?

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Partial map of one of the regions of this text

Since I have written elsewhere about the modes of presenting argument in hypertext, writing this hypertext put me in an awkward position. Using portions of a book text, I felt pressure to make the argument in a fairly conventional structure, what I had called elsewhere a pyramid outline, where each text node contained standard argumentative paragraphs. The outlines presented in this text lead to about a third of the total text; from there on there are various kinds of links. Many of the outlines lead to "tangles" of expository text nodes. Most of the links are straightforward, but there are also associational jumps, especially between exposition of ideas and narrative scenes. A hypertext can contain different forms at the same time, since the forms come from link patterns and different sets of links can coexist. Hypertext does not have a single-ply genre essence that must be obeyed.

I wrote a separate essay for an ACM hypertext conference that discusses the issues that arose while writing this study as a combination book and hypertext. That essay is available on the web.