You prefer Warsaw ?

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Shopping street in Krakow

Shopping street in Warsaw

-- Your taste must be corrupt. How can you prefer Warsaw's messiness and superficial glitz to the deep history and solid place character of Krakow? Look at the old restaurants in Krakow, the castle, the people using the central square, the university -- compare the history and architectural interest of the buildings of the university in Krakow to the scattered and often uninteresting buildings of the university in Warsaw. Think of the importance of Krakow for the Polish people; it was a crucial city long before Warsaw mattered at all. Roots are important. Architectural quality and place character are important. You are denying all this in your search for complex titillations. Stop playing intellectual games and look at the deeper realities.

-- The question remains, what has the past done for us lately? Or, better, how is the past taken up into the present? I think that the mix and adaptation in Warsaw is more indicative of what's happening and what we have to deal with now.

--Doesn't that avoid the issue of what should be happening now?

--Not quite, because increased complexity is what should be happening.