What might replace particularity ?

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Deferred centers and weakened universals (columns discarded during a renovation of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.)

What are the local and the universal, now? (Dulles Airport)

About local places: What is the replacement for the notion of particularity?

We think we know what the particular is: the immediate and given determination. Usually, it is the totality or the universal that we are unsure of.

But they come as a package.

So I ask what replaces particularity, if we have changed our notions of the totality or the universal.

Or perhaps: what was the notion of particularity an abstraction from?

What does it mean, in terms of place, to ask about a replacement for particularity?

For one thing, it means that boundaries don't just neatly surround centers.

Another, more concrete way of putting the question: what does it mean, now, to be local*?

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