About metaplaces

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The view from on high, disengaged, but not really

The architect and planner's view from above, outside the form of life, but not really

There is no meta-place and no purely formal mode of dwelling.

-- What do you think you are doing, and where are you standing, when you say this?

-- Trying to be in the process the way that we moderns are: in but not above.

In their own ways both Kant and Hegel strive to describe the process of being in the world and culture and places, but do the description from the engaged inside rather than from some outside detached point of view. Heidegger tries to do the same, as does Wittgenstein. They don't agree on the results, but they do agree on seeking a self-conscious being-in rather than the distanced being-above that has been associated with earlier modern philosophy.