The Book Version of Sprawling Places

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The cover of the book version Sprawling Places

The Book Version

A book version of this study,Sprawling Places, has been published by the University of Georgia Press. The book version discusses some topics in more detail, with more emphasis on the politics and economics of place making. It also argues more fully against some opposing views. The book version does not contain the images or narrative scenes from this web version, nor its extended reflections on topics not treated in the book, such as virtual places, tourism, and many background philosophical issues. The book version makes some explicit references to various sections of the web version.

The book version can be ordered from Amazon and from Powells.

My purpose for writing two overlapping versions was to explore the strengths and weaknesses of different media for presenting argument and discussion. This text contains a short discussion of its own composition, and I also wrote a separate hypertext essay about the experience of writing the two versions and the influences of each upon the other.