Watchful Architects

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Wright sketched several pictures of Broadacre City, and with his students built a large model showing what a typical area might be like. Some views can be found on the web through Google's image search.

Wright's forecast for Broadacres was upbeat not least because he envisioned its design to be under the control of a benevolent architect-planner who understood the integral form behind suburbia:

The agent of the state in all matters of land allotment or improvement, or in matters affecting the harmony of the whole, is the architect. All building is subject to his sense of the whole as organic character. . . . Growth is possible in Broadacres as a fundamental form; not a mere accident of change but as integral pattern unfolding from within. . . . Every kind of builder would be likely to have a jealous eye to the harmony of the whole within broad limits fixed by the county architect, an architect chosen by the county itself. Each county would thus naturally develop an individuality of its own. Wright 1935, 243