Wright on markets as destinations

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Wright sketched several pictures of Broadacre City, and with his students built a large model showing what a typical area might be like. Some views can be found on the web through Google's image search.

Wright proposed a decentralization of commerce into local markets that have some resemblance to malls and some to fairs and cultural attractions.

Great spacious roadside pleasure places these markets, rising wide and handsome like some flexible form of pavilion -- designed as places of cooperative exchange, not only of commodities but of cultural facilities. . . . integration of mercantile presentation and distribution of all produce possible and natural to the living city. These markets might resemble our county fairs, in general, and occur conveniently upon great arteries of mobility. Wright 1958, 185
Produce is fresh every our because distribution is taking place where producer and consumer happens to stand or choose to live. No flight of immature imagination is needed to see these great highways with their tributaries and ramifications hooked up at intervals with safe systems of noiseless, compact air transport; to see the network of fine roads passing public-service stations that live up to all the name implies, passing roadside markets, integrated with the groups of three, five and ten acre intensive farm units; diversified manufacturing units not far away; great automobile objectives as amusement resorts built on and with the natural features of the environment; fine homes in parks and gardens that are small farms, too, all winding up the beautiful natural features of our great landscape into the spacious broadacre cities of the near future:; the greatest work of man for the liberation of mankind that has ever been realized. Wright 1932, 8-9