Authentic reproductions

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Portofino Hotel, Orlando

China, at Epcot, Disney World

After all, [tourists] are not dupes, and they realize that the native performances on their tour itinerary are constructions for a foreign audience. Tourists are willing to accept a reproduction as long as it is a good one, or as one tourist brochure put it, as long as it is an 'authentic reproduction'. (McCrone 1995, 47
The tourist, though, may not be concerned about authenticity. The feeling that landscapes are inauthentic depends on how we evaluate particular parts of the bundle of tensions of commodities. . . . Some people find that transformation of place is authentic in the context of the modern world. They think of modernization as the dislodging of elements from their original context and placing them with other dislodged elements to form a new context. Sack 1992, 160