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Construction cranes in Berlin

Postmodernity with its catch-phrases such as 'the death of the subject,' the 'fragmentation' of every person, place and thing, the simultaneous 'deconstruction' and yet supremacy of the 'text,' the valorization of surfaces, and so on, epitomizes in some ways the shallow popular image of the tourist as a superficial seeker of cheap, quick and dirty thrills, even if they can be typologized as ethnic, cultural, natural, historical, or recreational cheap thrills; tourism is a postmodern quick fix for general lack; tourism provides a postmodern journey to anew, but still empty space. Passariello 1995, 4

This is misleading, because fragmentation and deconstruction could bring complexity rather than cheap simplified identities and thrills. What we should be attacking is the simplification of those fragmented identities.