Limited success with these goals

Writing the hypertext showed how hard it is to achieve the original goals.

The fact that the book was growing alongside the hypertext meant that there was a tempting outline and sequence of argument already being built. I did adopt the outline but worked it into a series of linked regions that can be encountered in any order. Yet no matter how much the outline was overlaid and complexified, its power remained.

In addition, the Google drop-in problem threatened to undermine the patterns and movements that I wanted to establish.

Another goal was to produce self-distancing and encourage self-critical readings. To this end I created an opposing voice in the text that raises objections, and a suite of fictional dialogues with "the spirit of place." These work well, but not yet well enough to offset the generally earnest and straightforward movements of the text.

I hope to add nodes where the organization of the text is questioned and alternate movements and conclusions suggested. But it will be difficult to do this without causing confusion or so avoiding confusion by explicit navigational devices that the consciousness-raising effect is lost.