Linking narrative sections

The hypertext narratives about concrete places present problems of their own. I did not want each description or narrative to sit in a complete node. I wanted them to refer to and interleave one another rather than link like pearls on a string. So I composed each of them in linked groups of nodes with cross links to other groups. Following the links disrupts the current narrative and puts it in context with others, or with expository materials.

It seemed worthwhile to have the different descriptions collide with one another and intermingle rather than stand as self-complete examples each tied to points in the argument. So there are far more links connecting the different narratives than there are links across to or from the expository sections. This helps the descriptions to qualify one another, but it threatens to divide the hypertext into two separate regions.

This is another situation where the issue of typed links becomes important. How many clues do I want to give that a link will move to another narrative, or to an expository section "far away"? If none, will the reader be confused? If too many, will the reader ignore the links that are meant to contextualize the current node?