Software tools

The initial large hypertext was composed in Storyspace and then exported to a preliminary HTML version.

Later, using BBEdit, I made changes in the HTML version. For the next revision, I moved the original file from Storyspace to Tinderbox, adding in the changes that had been made in the HTML version.

Further revisions have been made to the Tinderbox version, with the aim of exporting it again to CSS-controlled HTML.

Tinderbox has proved useful since it can define XML attributes for each node, which are helpful for keeping track of the stages of revision and for facilitating CSS markup using multiple templates. It also provides elaborate export tools.

The program's spatial hypertext features allow for flexible groupings and tentative organizing. The map view and the roadmap tool allow explorations of the link structure. (However, another tool that would be helpful might explore several steps in the network of connections reaching out from a chosen node. Currently, the overall map often contains too much data, and the single-step roadmap is too limited for keeping track of connections in a large text.)